Mothering left Natural Nurtures Natural Mothering Instincts

I love this article that points out that we as mothers have a very powerful, natural instinct to be with our babies, to birth them and to nurture them. This instinct lives inside of us all, without the need for much else other than for us to follow it.

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August 2011

Today we visited a local dairy farm to buy 10litres of fresh cow’s milk to make paneer (cheese) for a celebration gathering the next day. We visit the farm monthly to do this. It is situated in the hills beyond our house.

We arrived near the end of the milking – only a handful of cows were left to milk. Our son vanished with the local farmer’s son to feed the calves, rake the cowdung and explore the farm tractor. We often go and pet the calves and let them suck our hands and arms.

The farmhand was hussling about 6 cows behind the fence and another was carrying a young calf and hussling another one to a pen behind an iron gate. More came beyond. Two small calves were still wet from being born!  About 3 were born that same day and the others were 2-3…

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