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Beautiful Birth Stories: Hayley


Here is a beautiful birth story from a fellow blogger and friend, Hayley. Her experience is sure to inspire many moms-to-be on their journey into motherhood.


At exactly 3am, May 6th, I woke up with a decent contraction and remembered that I needed to begin making chicken bone broth. I had roasted several frames and had turned off the oven around midnight. Once in the kitchen, I felt another strong contraction and practiced my breathing four in and six out in order to remain standing. I had experienced two false alarms the week previous and decided to watch the clock for an hour before making any judgements. I continued with the broth preparation mindfully greeting and breathing through contractions that arrived every ten minutes. I then moved to my birthing area–the living room—lit candles, donned my birthing bead necklace and began listening to hypnosis tracks. At 4am, I decided to wake Sean up. I was full of excitement and pure joy. Finally, we could meet our baby! I had positive feelings flowing freely.

Sean went into labor-mode instantly and urged me to contact our midwives. I told him there was no rush but I would send a text. At 5am, Sean was timing my contractions and they were averaging three minutes apart. Some of them were becoming quite intense. I reminded myself that I was getting closer to meeting my baby and was able to greet each wave and breathe through. I had some nausea and vomiting that hour and started to worry that I would lose my strength. Thankfully, I had prepared a gallon of laborade the day before and it sustained and hydrated me through the next 5 hours.

Sean filled the birthing pool sometime between 5 and 6am. Our midwife Mindy and an assistant named Becca headed our way along with our close friend Amy who sometimes attends births with our midwives. Jehryn was thankfully still asleep.

I was aware of quiet movement about the house but remained focused on the labor as my hypnosis tracks played. I remember being completely focused on my breath, and being grateful for each contraction. Surrender was my mantra. I also whispered the word “open” over and over, imagining my cervix widening like the various sized circles on the tapestry in our bedroom. At one point, I asked Sean to join me in the birthing pool to check my hips. With Jehryn’s birth, I had been a bit resistant and had held tension there. I didn’t feel tense but wanted to make sure. Sean felt my hips and remarked that I was extremely relaxed.
While he was still in the pool with me, I leaned back against his chest and let my limbs float. I drifted in and out of sleep between surges. Soon I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I knew that was a sign that I was in transition and probably close to crowning, but I couldn’t believe it was happening so soon. With help, I stepped out of the tub. My body was beginning to form a “C” shape and I knew I would not make it to the bathroom before pushing time. I asked for help to get back into the tub but requested that Sean stay on the outside. We held hands as I transitioned. At that point, I practiced smile meditation. A dear friend had taught this to me two days previous. I envisioned my new baby in front of me and all the love I had for them pouring out of me. I imagined the energy being reflected back into me and smiled a deep smile from my toes up through my body and back out through my eyes. It was so warm and intense, but I can honestly say I felt no pain at that point. I remember Sean laughing softly and whispering “she’s smiling!” Jehryn came into the room as I was crowning. My voice was dropping and I was making those primal guttural noises that only a woman who has birthed a baby can understand. It frightened him a bit and he began to cry. This jarred me and I lost focus for a few seconds as I tried to stifle the sounds. Jehryn was taken for a brief walk, as I regained my focus and pushed with each incredible surge. It was 10:20 in the morning and the sun was pouring on through the kitchen window. I turned my face toward it, wanting something pleasant to see. Minutes later, our baby emerged and we saw that he was a big and beautiful boy. Lucien. His first name was decided immediately and I called for Jehryn to come meet his brother. We were helped out of the (practically clear!) tub and Lucien latched and was nursing within 10 minutes. I had overcome my fear of birthing the placenta so it happened soon after. I was so elated. The birth experience had been spiritual and otherworldly. I was buzzing for days. My pregnancy had been difficult with a lot of nausea and some depression. Lucien’s birth redeemed any pain or difficulty I’d experienced and helped me see that I am powerful and that I have the ability to let go and fully surrender. I knew as soon as he emerged that I want to have more children eventually.