Birth Doula Services

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Birth Doula Package

*  Initial Consultation: We will meet to get acquainted, for you to learn what I can offer you as your Birth Doula, for me to learn about you and for us to see if we are a good fit for each other. This is free and you are under no obligation after the consultation! Contact me today to schedule: 571-921-2559 or

*  Two Prenatal meetings: These will take place in your home and will last 1-3 hours each depending on your needs. In the first meeting we will discuss what your educational, emotional and physical support needs are. We will discuss your hopes and desires for your birth and I can help you develop a birth plan, if you choose. We will go over comfort measures and coping techniques and even practice some of these with your partner. Another important thing we will discuss is the role of everyone on your birth team and how we can all compliment each other to best support you (partner, children, family members and/or friends.)I can also answer questions you may have about your upcoming birth, transition into parenthood and breastfeeding concerns.

*  Educational Handouts: In our prenatal meetings I will provide a variety of useful handouts for you to keep. These range from breastfeeding information, stages of labor, coping techniques, remedies for common pregnancy complaints, circumcision information, questions to ask your caregiver, and suggestions for the partner.

*  Unlimited Phone and Email Support: Throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born I am available to you through phone and email.

*  Full Access to my Lending Library: My library contains books on birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting and I have several recommendations for books I may not yet have. (Handout on recommended reading)

Access to Resource List: I have an extensive resource list for groups, organizations, consultants, care providers, etc. should you need any recommendations. This list includes the following categories: breastfeeding support groups, lactation consultants, midwives, birth centers, VBAC supportive doctors and midwives, ICAN groups, chiropractors, massage therapists, childbirth educators, prenatal yoga instructors, babywearing groups, etc.

24/7 On Call Support: From 37-42+ weeks I am on call for your labor. In early labor I can help answer questions, encourage you to rest, keep busy and recommend early labor comfort measures. When you are in active labor and ready for me to join you, I will be ready to head your way!

*  Continuous Support during Labor and Birth: Ideally you will let me know when you suspect labor has begun, even if you are not ready for me to join you. When you request me, allow 1-2 hours for me to get to you. I will stay with you throughout labor and 1-2 hours after your baby is born.

*  Initial Breastfeeding Support: I can help with basic breastfeeding and make suggestions to help you bond with your new baby.

*  Photos:  If you would like photographs throughout your labor, and I am able, I will happily do this! If desired, I can help with initial breastfeeding and take photos of those precious first moments.

Postpartum Visits: I will call to check in the day after you give birth and then schedule a visit 4-5 days postpartum to offer further breastfeeding and newborn care support as well as help determine if further support is needed (referral to a postpartum doula, lactation consultant, etc.) In this visit or the following, depending on your needs, I can share photos I took with my camera (put on a CD), process your birth with you and admire your new little one : ) We can also discuss any parenting ideas or concerns you have (diapering, babywearing, etc.)




My Birth Doula package is currently $ 700. If you decide to hire me as your doula we will go over and sign my Birth Doula Agreement and the first 50% of my fee is due as a retainer to secure my availability, prenatal visits and my 24 hour on call availability to you. The remaining 50% of my fee covers your birth and postpartum visits and is due at 36 weeks.

**Additional services are available in the Postpartum Packages section.

I look forward to serving your family!


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