Client Testimonials for Brianna Horne

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Jill DeLorenzo

Brianna made the birth of my dreams possible. She got me through significant challenges, including turning a breech baby late in the third trimester, avoiding artificial induction, believing that I could do it without medication even after signing epidural paperwork, keeping me relaxed with Hypnobabies cues, and delivering a huge baby naturally and completely intact. She took beautiful photos and video that will forever serve as a memory of this time. Please visit Brianna’s website or Facebook page for my full review and birth experience. She was my angel and I recommend her to any mother seeking the birth of her dreams.

Posted 2/24/2015

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Matos Familia

Brianna is a very supportive and knowledgable doula. She was with me each step of the way and offered her advice and tips whenever I had any questions. She was supportive during my delivery – even when the original birth plan was switched up she was there to back me up. She even helped me after with trying to figure out how to use a Moby Wrap with twins 🙂 She’s a kind and gentle person who you know has your back and stays calm when you are losing it. I would highly recommend her!!!

Posted 10/24/2014

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Angela Vinny Lumanau

My husband and I chose Brianna to be our doula because she made a great impression on us from the very first meeting. This was my first pregnancy and I was an anxious momma-to-be, but Brianna has a very calm and soothing presence which immediately put my husband and me at ease. Although my husband initially was unsure about having a doula, Brianna won him over at our first appointment. She showed him how to help me with pain management techniques, which he found particularly useful and helped him visualize his role during the birth. During the two pre-birth sessions, Brianna came very prepared, brought books and printed reading materials, listened carefully to our preferences, deftly answered all our questions, walked us through what we could expect on the big day, and gave some great advice that helped us navigate the final weeks. She made it all fun and very informative, and helped us feel more prepared.

Although I of course looked forward to meeting my beautiful baby, I was worried about labor pains and I’ll always remember what Brianna said – it is all part of a natural process that helps bring your baby to the world. It made me feel calmer about the delivery, and even look forward to it – contraction pains and all.

In an unexpected twist of events, on the day I went into labor Brianna had another client going into labor earlier that day, and she wasn’t able to attend my delivery. However, she kept in touch throughout my contractions (at 2am) and had her back-up doula ready to meet my husband and me at the hospital. In the days and weeks following my baby’s birth, Brianna followed up consistently, offering great post-partum support and newborn advice. In those sleepless and difficult first weeks, Brianna’s support was very comforting. She brings passion to her work and is incredibly warm, compassionate, respectful, and gentle. My husband and I would absolutely hire her again, and give her our highest recommendation.

Posted 10/14/2014

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Julie Vient

I am very thankful I had Brianna as a doula during my pregnancy for both prenatal and postnatal care.  While I ended up having an emergency C-section due to complications during labor, I found her input and support extremely reassuring and helpful in both the months prior to, during and after my little one arrived.

This was my first pregnancy and I found her support and knowledge invaluable as I prepared for childbirth.  She took a lot of time to meet with my husband and I to walk us through the birthing process, what to expect and what I would like to have happen in my “ideal” birthing situation.  She was very responsive to phone/email inquiries, extremely professional and knowledgable in various aspects of home and hospital births, prenatal and postnatal care and breastfeeding advice.


Posted 7/21/2014


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